Our factory - Zhuhai branch

We employ 300 people, produce over 400 molds a year, and in a modern 8000 square-meter facility with room for future expansion.

We have made housing of cash register over 50 models. And have abundant experience for making the structure. We are the biggest factory of the housing of cash register in China.

Our complete design through manufacturing process offers customers single-source responsibility in design and production. We provide the highest level of service to every customer. From the initial quote to final delivery, all key people are available to assure quality and customer satisfaction.

Main customer:Euro-American business enterprise







Our mission

1. All time to provide quality products and to offer competitive prices.

2 .To reach customer requirements.

We will continue to improve our technology and processes and by providing ongoing training for our employees, to ensure consistently high quality in our products and services.


Our design

1. We can either follow the 2D drawings or sketches from customers, or re-engineering existing models to capture the required data for constructing a 3D solid model for the project.

2. We utilize Pro/Engineer and Solid works to build the model for different applications such as photo-rendering visualization, pre-production 2D outlook drawings for initial engineering purpose and, if necessary, STL rapid prototype for outlook verification

3. Our specialty in manufacture of custom-made molds to plastic products in an efficient, effective and economical manner that highly appreciated by our customers.

4. We are equipped with CAD/CAM/CAE systems for working out the conceptual idea of a mold to its actual production within a very short time.

Main equipment list

1. CAD/CAM Systems: Auto CAD, Pro-Engineer, Solid Works, Master CAM, Mold Flow Analysis, etc.

2. CNC Milling Machines: TAKAM TK-1050VMC, TAKAM TK-1600VMC

3. Electrical Discharge Machines: Best 345, Best 456, Creator CJ-345, Creator CJ-503, Sinhong SH-450 ZNC

4. Wire Cut Machines: Koshing DK7735, Koshing DK7740

5. Milling Machines: BOSS 1050-3S, Sinhong SH-1200-4S, Takam TK-1254-4S

6. Drilling Machines: KHG-1200NC, Z-3050x16/1

7. Grinding Machines: BOSS 1050-3S, Sinhong SH-1200-4S, Takam TK-1254-4S

8. High Speed Lathes: CA6250/750, CS6266B/1500

9. Injection Molding Machines: 50 tons – 1,000 tons

10. Testing Equipments & Other, etc.

Our work area for moulding


Our work area for injection product