Company profile

Our company is laid in the capital of China, Beijing. We are a high technology company in the field of electronic equipment and machinery, like as business and financial equipment, educational and medicient equipment, and  plastic injection molds.

We start to operate the international business from in 2005, and mainly made up of the commercial and marketing department of SINOTA, MWCR SpA & GWI Group. We specialize in international business, and cooperate with foreign company, including design, produce, marketing, import and export trade.

Our partners and clients mainly are laid in Europe, America, and Australia. And we have exported our product to Italy, etc.

We bringed advanced technology from Italy to our chinese client 24 years ago. Now we can provide our good product for our partners in the world. We have run it to success for many years. 

We provide plastic injection mold design, mold construction, molded parts, and all related quality inspection services to customers in the Electronic Equipments, Telecommunications, Computer Products, Electric Appliances, Office Equipments, car component, and Machines Parts, etc 

We have a friendly relationship with many companies in the international business. We are sharing the benefits from the developing China with our business clients and partners together.

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